Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Anonamaker Collaboration Box Swatches and Review

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Hello, hello my loves! Hope your weekend was fantastic and relaxing as it should be. Today I'm hoping to make your week a little better, and a little saltier! Some of you are probably wondering what the heck I'm talking about and are thinking I'm a little crazy. But that's ok! You're gonna love this post anyways! 

I'm very excited to have the pleasure of sharing the third edition of the Anonamaker Collab box with y'all! Each polish in the box is each maker's way of having fun with some of the sassy and salty comments made in the Acetone Alley group. This edition features 5 gorgeous polishes from Colors by Llarowe, ellagee, Glitter Daze, Great Lakes Lacquer, and Supermoon Lacquer. I won't be telling who made what because that's the fun of Anon! It will go on sale on March 3rd for pre-order until the 11th. Plenty of time to snag a box! So grab your pitchforks and have a seat, or several, and let's get into some swatches!

Rage Flounce
Cause you are better than all of these bitches and you're leaving, so there!

Rage Flounce is a gorgeous hot magenta holo with a gold flash. Absolutely stunning with a strong holo finish! You know how I love me a good pink polish, and this beauty is a stunner. Formula is amazing, super creamy and easy to apply. Swatches show two coats plus a glossy topcoat.

Under LED lighting

No $h!t, Sherlock
Inspired by the legendary seat serving and sleuthing skills of the amazing Karl.
No $h!t, Sherlock is a dark inky blue base with turquoise to purple and blue to red color shifting shimmer, iridescent rainbow micro flakies, and scattered holo. Truly amazing and yummy. The shimmer has me feeling some kinda way! Formula is fantastic, easy to work with and nearly a one coater for me. Swatches show two coats plus a glossy top coat.

Under LED lighting

Go Home Anon, You're Drunk
Cause we all need a drink after that anon nonsense.

Go Home Anon, You're Drunk is a whisky brown intense linear holo with red to copper shimmer. As a person who doesn't normally wear brown polishes, you absolutely need this! The holo is even more intense than my camera could capture! Formula is spectacular, super creamy and easy to work with. Swatches show two coats, but it was nearly a one coater for me, plus a glossy top coat.

Under LED lighting

Girl, Bye
Wave those glittery hands while you tell Felicia goodbye.

Girl, Bye is a  purple toned mauve polish with holographic micro-flakes, and pops of purple shimmers. This is one of those delicate looking but will knock you out with its beauty polishes. Formula was fantastic and easy to apply. I was expecting to need three coats, but it built up very well. Swatches show two coats plus a glossy top coat.

It's Apple Pie Mother F#*@&%!
Have a seat and enjoy your pie.

It's Apple Pie Mother F#*@&%! is a peachy nude crelly with shimmer, red to green shifting multichrome flakes, and scattered holo. It really is apple pie on your nails! Formula was spot on and super easy to apply. Builds up exceptionally well. Swatches show two coats plus a glossy top coat.


What?! More?! Yes indeed! Each box comes with a bottle of ellagee Glass glossy top coat, a polish Magnet from The Howling Boutique, an Acetone Alley membership card, candy, and of course some salt! 

This whole box is so fun, and I love being able to reminisce on the funny times in the group while painting my nails. All of the polishes are phenomenal and the makers did an excellent job. The box will be available for pre-order on the ellagee website from March 3rd through the 11th, midnight to midnight CST. Each box will be $50 plus shipping. If you're not able to buy the whole box, you will be able to buy each color individually as well so you will be able to snag your favorites! 

Thanks so much for stopping by! Until next time my friends!

Anonamaker Collab Box


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