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KK's Magical Creations May 2018 Polish Pickup

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It's a very special Throwback Thursday! We are going back to the 90's with Polish Pickup! This month's theme is 90's Pop Culture, and all the makers brought their A game. Today I have a special treat for you all, my first wax melt review! Before we get into the review, let's quickly go over a few details!

Polish Pickup is a new approach to monthly indie polish subscription boxes. Each month, members submit theme ideas and then vote on the top 10 themes. The winning theme is then used by the makers to choose their inspiration for their polish and/or bath and body products. There are as many as 70+ polish makers each month. The best part, you can pick and choose which polishes you'd like to purchase, and every order ships for only $3. It's like a make your own sub box!

If you're not familiar with what wax melts are, no worries! Wax melts are basically scented candles without the wick. You place a portion into a wax melt warmer, and it melts the wax which releases the fragrance. It's super easy to use and so much fun! You can get wax melts in almost any scent you can think of.

For May's theme, Kaylyna of KK's Magical Creations has created blend inspired by the Boyz II Men song, I'll Make Love to You. They are one of her most listened to groups, then and now. Now for the good stuff!

Make a Wish
Make a Wish is a blend of Birthday Cake,  sweet gooey Cinnamon Buns, & topped with Ice Cream Parlor. This blend is amazing. On cold sniff (when the wax is solid and in the packaging), you get a lot of the cinnamon and a little bit vanilla ice cream sweetness. As it warms up and melts, the cake and ice cream scents become stronger. Before you know it you're enveloped in a cloud of sweet bakery goodness. If you have a sweet tooth, you will be craving a cinnamon roll before you know it. The throw was nice and strong, even with my ceiling fan going. For me, this made me think of cinnamon roll cupcakes with a nice sweet icing. I left this in my warmer for about 10 hours, I may or may not have fallen asleep with this in my warmer LOL. When I woke up the next morning, she was still going strong. I can't wait to melt this again!
Make a Wish will be available in a 6 cube clamshell for $4.50, with a cap of 130, so get those ninja fingers ready. Polish Pickup launches at 11:00 am EST on May 4th. You don't want to miss this clam! Until next time lovelies!

Polish Pickup
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