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#CrellyCrate ReVamped Swatches and Review

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Hey loves! Hope you're sitting down, this is gonna be an exciting one! What do you get when two amazing groups and 7 awesome indies come together? A spectacular box that is out of this world! That's right ladies and gents, 7 of your favorites teamed up with the Crazy 4 Crellies and Polish ReVamped groups to bring you a beautiful box to change how you view vampy and crelly finish polishes. I am proud to introduce the first ever #CrellyCrate ReVamped box!

Each box contains 6 polishes and a lip tint from 7 different indie makers. Each product was inspired in celebration of a unique March holiday, Smoke and Mirrors Day (March 29th). What is Smoke and Mirrors Day? Well it is a day dedicated to the art of fraudulent cunning. The phrase “It’s all smoke and mirrors’ refers to the way in which magicians use all manner of distraction to make sure the audience fails to see what’s really going on. The more complex the artifice, the more successfully the magician will get away with it. 

Our featured brands are Polish 'M, Dreamland Lacquer, Cameo Colours Lacquers, Tonic Polish, Lemming Lacquer, Painted Polish, and Midnight Hour Beauty. Each maker took their inspiration from a Hollywood classic dedicated to the art of magic. The polishes definitely surprise and amaze! I know you're going to love them! Let's get into some swatches shall we?

The House Always Wins by Polish 'M
This dark beauty is The House Always Wins by Polish 'M. Inspired by the movie Ocean's Eleven, she is a gorgeous black crelly with black galaxy holo, grey micro glitter, grey micro flakies and silver magic holo flakies. She has a glow to her with all those glitters and flakies! Super smooth and easy to apply. Superb formula, which is right on par for the brand. Absolutely no issue issues with application. Swatches show two coats plus a glossy top coat.

The Illusionist by Dreamland Lacquer
This sparkly goodness is the Illusionist by Dreamland Lacquer. Inspired by the movie its named after, this is a turquoise leaning blue crelly filled with holo microglitters and a gorgeous purple shimmer. The shimmer adds an unexpected magic to this beauty. Excellent formula that is super easy to work with. Builds ups beautifully and sparkles when top coated. Swatches show two medium thick coats plus a glossy top coat.

Stop Chasing Me! by Cameo Colours Lacquers
This warm toned wonder is Stop Chasing Me! by Cameo Colours Lacquers. Inspired by the movie Catch Me If You Can, she is an olive green jelly with a salt blue shimmer and packed full of dense scattered holographic sparkle, blue, bronze, and silver holographic micro flakes, and gold flakes. Shes rich and beautiful and that coming from some one not a big fan of greens! Formula is excellent and it applied smoothly and effortlessly. Swatches show two coats plus a glossy top coat.

The Babe with the Power by Tonic Polish
This shimmery beauty is The Babe with the Power by Tonic Polish. Inspired by the movie Labyrinth, she is a dark smoky grey creme with blue to purple to red shifting multichrome shimmer and silver sparks. Tonic is a champ with multichromes and this beauty does not disappoint! Formula is excellent, buttery and easy to work with. Swatches show two coats plus a glossy top coat.

The Magician's Fire by Lemming Lacquer
This squishy beauty is The Magician's Fire by Lemming Lacquer. Inspired by the movie The Prestige, she is ultramarine jelly with orange holo microglitters and gold/orange/bronze flakes. So squishy and gorgeous! Formula was awesome and easy to work with, and zero need to fish for any glitter. Swatches show three thin coats plus a glossy top coat.

Card Tricks & Carousels by Painted Polish
This sparkling wonder is Card Tricks & Carousels by Painted Polish. Inspired by the movie Now You See Me, she is a turquoise crelly with copper, turquoise, and orange holographic glitters. When the light hits her just right she sparkles beautifully. Formula was excellent, easy to work with and every brush stroke was full of glitter. Swatches show two coats plus a glossy top coat.

The Art of Misdirection by Midnight Hour Beauty
This little treasure is The Art of Misdirection by Midnight Hour Beauty. Inspired by Casino Royale, she is an ultra hydrating rose pink lip tint packed with iridescent gold shimmer. A must have for every self proclaimed Bond girl, this lip tint is truly impressive. Applies amazingly and so hydrating, feels like it just melts on your skin. The gold shimmer is subtle on the skin, but adds great depth to the color.

All of these products are amazing. I'm really impressed with everything in the box. The colors are beautiful and the formulas for are on point. I love the unique theme and I think the makers did an excellent job executing their creations.

The #CrellyCrate ReVamped box will be avail for preorder from March 1st until March 10th through the Polish 'M shop. It will be $50 plus shipping, and is set to ship out the first week in April. Be sure to join both the Crazy 4 Crellies and Polish ReVamped Facebook groups for the latest news and info, follow @crazy4crellies on Instagram, and tag #polishrevamped on all your vampy IG posts!

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you love these polishes as much as I did! Be sure to let me know if you pick up the box and which colors are your favorite! Until next time my friends!



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